Небольшой мануал как юзать force model/skin в eFreeze в Quake 3

#1 2021.11.18 15:53:57


To switch Forced models on:
/seta cg_forceModel 1

To switch Forced skins on:
/seta cg_forceSkin 1

To set enemy model:
/seta enemy_model klesk/red
/seta enemy_headModel klesk/red

To set teammate model:
/seta team_model anarki/blue
/seta team_headModel anarki/blue

To use CPMA-like models:
/seta cg_forceSkin 1
/seta team_model <any_model>/pm
/seta team_headModel <any_model>/pm
/seta enemy_model <any_model>/pm
/seta enemy_headModel <any_model>/pm

To set colors for CPMA-like models do:
/seta ef_playerColor "rrr" ( for tourneys )
/seta ef_teamColor "bbb" ( for TDM, CTF )
/seta ef_enemyColor "www" ( for all games )

The color var shall consist from 3 chars
first - legs color
second - torso color
third - head color

letters stands for:
b - blue
c - cyan
g - green
m - magenta
r - red
w - white
y - yellow