Система биндов в Quake 3

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Система биндов - при вводе в консоль / bind [клавиша] [команда] мы присваеваем выполнение данной консольной команды при нажатии кнопку.

Vsay - специально сделанные для efreeze короткие звуковые оповещения. можно просто вводить в консоли, а можно забиндить для удобства на какую нить кнопку, к примеру: /bind 1 vsay [одно из слов приведённых ниже в списке]



"Thanks for the thaw!"
"Thank you!"

"I'm following."

"I'm frozen!"
"Someone unfreeze me."

"I'm coming to help!"
"I'm on my way!"

"Cheap Shot!"

"Cheap Shot!"

"My momma shots better!"

"How about some competition here?"



"Wanna buy a shot?"


"You talking to me?"

"hahahahahah ICH bin Death seht MICH an!!"


"OHH O_o -- Ich hab einen FRAG gemacht!!"

"Ich hab eine RAILGUN in meiner Hand >:]"

"Oh Yeah!"

"Hahaha :)"

"OHH ich kann nicht richtig laufen ohne Kruecken :(("
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"Ohhhh, my mouse is broken!"

"Ich hab den Stock in meinem Arsch vergessen :P!"

"I rail the SHIT out of u!"


"Ich Roque!!"

"WOW ! What a FraG!"


"Stop Chat!"

"uhhhhh you smell O_o"


"Leave Server damn Noob"

"Laggerparty :-/"

"You'll be kicked! Byebye"

"Huhuhu! Nooooby!!"

"^7HEHEHE ... ^1^^8HoD^1^^7 inside!"

"CRAZY :-]!!"

"ohohoooo! a FRAG!!"
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Список команд, работающих ТОЛЬКО на моде eFreeze: (мануал на английском)

ef_scoreboard <0|1|2>
0 - oldschool scoreboard
1 - new efreeze scoreboard
2 - smaller version of new scoreboard

ef_grappleStyle <0|1>
0 - oldschool grapple
1 - rail like grapple trail

ef_grappleTrailColor <0-9>
if grappleStyle is on 1, u can change rail grapple trail color with that
variable .. colors from 0-7 are same as normal, 8 and 9 are special

ef_noChatBeep <0|1>
0 - chat beeps are present when someone wrote something
1 - chat beeps are disabled

ef_noChatTeamBeep <0|1>
0 - team chat beeps are present when someone wrote something in team chat
1 - team chat beeps are disabled

ef_noVoiceChats <0|1>
0 - voice chats are enabled
1 - no sound for voice chats when vsay, vsay_team

ef_noVoiceText <0|1>
0 - voice texts are present when vsay or vsay_team
1 - voice texts are disabled when vsay or vsay_team. Notice it doens't have
effect on sound, just voice texts which are written when vsay, vsay_Team

ef_drawPlayersWarning <value>
How much alive players should be in team to get a warning of how much team
players are alive in the team

ef_drawClock <0-4>
0 - disables clock to be drawn on right upper corner
1 - draw it in 24h style: HH:MM:SS
2 - draw it in short 24h style: HH:MM
3 - draw it in 12h style: HH:MM:SS am/pm
4 - draw it in short 12h style: HH:MM am/pm

ef_drawDate <0-22>
0 - disables date to be drawn on right upper corner
other numbers represent different styles of date, eg. 1 is 09/09/2005,
22 is Friday, September 09 2005.

ef_autoScreenShot <0|1>
0 - disables ..
1 - enables automatically taking screenshots after map is finish

ef_autoScreenShotJpg <0|1>
same as above, just that istead of tga it makes jpg

ef_autoRecord <0|1>
0 - disables ..
1 - enables automatically recording maps, filename will be in format

ef_crosshairColor <0-8>
0 - normal white crosshair
player is able to pick up different colors between 1-8, where 8 is
black instead of 0 .. also notice u have to have lightmap for colors
to be shown

ef_forceRailTrails <00>
first number forces enemy rail color, while seconds forces players team rail

admin <password>
if password is same as on server, player gets access to admin commands

admin comands:
ad_listcommands, ad_commands:
admin is able to check which admin commands are available for him
(server admin can limit them)

for a list of client numbers, nicknames, ips

ad_kick <clientnum/name>
a players client number or nickname in colors or without them can
be entered to kick a player

ad_kickban <clientnum/name>
same as above ++ players ip is put into ban list

lists banned ips

ad_addip <ip>
adding an ip to ban list

ad_removeip <ip>
removing an ip from ban list

ad_forceteam <clientnum/name> <team>
admin is able to force players team by typing client number or
nickname (with or without colors) and wanted team (red,blue,spectator)
r, b, s can be used instead of red, blue, spectator!
eg. ad_forceteam 4 s (will force client 4 to spectators) or

ad_vote <yes/no>
if vote is present and "yes" (y or 1) is typed, vote will immediately pass and
vice versa for "no" (n or 0)

ad_mute <clientnum/nick>
player is unable to send any messages (say/say_team)
admin can check who's muted and who's not with ad_clientlist

ad_unmute <clientnum/nick>
remove mute flag from a player
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ad_listcheatips <ip>
lists ip in cheat list

ad_removecheatip <ip>
removes an ip from cheat list

КОМАНДЫ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ ВАШИМ ЛОКАЛЬНЫМ СЕРВОМ (или в инете, если вы захостили:)))
g_forceClients <0/1> (default: 0) - set to non null if you want your server to
accept only clients with the efreeze mod. ( new svar )

g_hook <0|1> (default: 1)
0 - Disables grappling hook
1 - Enables grappling hook, players can use it with: bind <key> +button5

g_hookSpeed <units/sec> (default: 800)
The speed at which the hook leaves from the player's position till
it hit a surface

g_hookSpeedPull <units/sec> (default: 800)
The speed at which a player is pulled along the hook's path after it has
hit a surface

g_hookDelay <milliseconds> (default: 400)
Specifies the minimum number of MILLISECONDS that a player can redeploy
a hook after use

g_hookHoldTime <seconds> (default: 0)
Specifies the maximum number of seconds that a player's hook will remain
0 - Disables

g_hookSky <0|1> (default: 0)
0 - Players cannot hook the "sky" surface
1 - Players can hook onto any surface

g_hookDamage <value> (default: 0)
Amount of damage hook does on impact

g_thawTime <milliseconds> (default: 2000)
Amount of time in milliseconds a player will need to thaw a person

g_autothawTime <seconds> (default: 120)
Amount of time in seconds a frozen body will need to thaw itself

g_lavaThaw <milliseconds> (default: 5000)
Amount of time in milliseconds lava or slime will need to thaw a frozen body

g_teamKnockBack <units/sec> (default: 1000)
Knockback force a weapon will do on team player. This won't effect on frozen
team bodies.

g_teamSwitchTime <milliseconds> (default: 5000)
Amount of time in seconds needed between a player is able to swith teams

wp_railjump <units/sec> (default: 0)
Amount of units a rail will knock player back with

wp_railSplashDamage <0|1> (default: 0)
0 - Disables rail splash damage
1 - Enables rail splash damage, similar to rocket splash damage

wp_gauntletjump <units/sec> (default: 0)
Amount of units a gauntlet will knock player back with when hitting a wall

wp_switchDelay <milliseconds> (default: 450)
Amount of time in milliseconds needed to switch weapons

g_voteClientLimit <value> (default: 0)
Amount of votes a client is allowed to vote per map

g_voteGameLimit <value> (default: 0)
Amount of votes allowed to be voted per map

g_spawnInVuln <milliseconds> (default: 0)
Amount of time in milliseconds player won't be able to get killed or shoot

g_spawnEnemyRadius <units> (default: 0)
Distance, in units, around a spawn point to check for enemies. Spawn on a
spawn point where there are no or fewest enemies.

g_noWrongPlace <0|1> (default: 0)
0 - "Wrong Place" surface kills player
1 - When falling into "Wrong Place" surface it will teleport player to
nearest spawn point instead of killing him

g_nameFloodProtect <milliseconds> (default: 0)
Amount of milliseconds between needed before nick changing will be possible

g_showSpecChat <0|1> (default: 1)
0 - Spectator chats will be seen only to spectators and not to those who play
1 - Spectator chats are shown to everybody
(notice: this is only for tdm/ctf)

sv_maxMaxPackets <value> (default: 0)
Maximum number of MaxPackets a client will be able to set

sv_minMaxPackets <value> (default: 0)
Minimum number of MaxPackets a client will be able to set

sv_maxSnaps <value> (default: 0)
Maximum number of Snaps a client will be able to set
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sv_minSnaps <value> (default: 0)
Minimum number of Snaps a client will be able to set

sv_maxTimeNudge <value> (default: 0)
Maximum number of TimeNudge a client will be able to set

sv_minTimeNudge <value> (default: 0)
Minimum number of TimeNudge a client will be able to set

sv_minRate <value> (default: 0)
Minimum Rate a client will be able to set

g_cheatProtect <0|1|2> (default: 2)
0 - Disables cheat protection
1 - Enables logging and kicks cheater
2 - Enables logging and kick-ban cheater

g_cheatlog <filename> (default: logs/cheat.log)
Filename where cheaters ip, nickname and date will be logged. It is also possible
to include a directory in filename

g_adminpass <password> (default: "")
A Password admin will need to access admin commands. If no password will be set
it will disable access to admin commands. Player can set admin password on client
side with: admin <password>

g_adminlimit <value> (default: 0)
0 - enables all admin commands
sum of the numbers at each command will prevent it's useage. For Example a number
70 (2 + 4 + 64) will disable admin to be able to kick, kickban and force teams.
Admin can also check available commands with: ad_commands, ad_listcommands

1 ad_clientlist
2 ad_kick
4 ad_kickban
8 ad_listip
16 ad_addip
32 ad_removeip
64 ad_forceteam
128 ad_vote
256 ad_mute
512 ad_unmute
1024 ad_listcheatips
2048 ad_removecheatip
4095 (total sum)